Civil Engineering

Solid foundations: Extra support for your challenging building projects

EvaBuild is truly versatile, we apply the latest civil engineering techniques available to minimise the environmental impact of our work from the most challenging terrain projects to ecologically sensitive areas.

As soon as clients engage with us, we provide a tailored breakdown of the processes to demonstrate back where risks are present and by using our vast knowledge and experience to suit the demands of your brief, which could be as described as awkward terrain or involving environmental risks.

Our main line of Civil Engineering services extend to site clearances, roads and carparks, moderate sized demolition works, deep drainage, confined spaces, concrete reinforcement walls and bases, ring beam foundations and pads, but it could be as simple as an excavation of a services trench, or a full package to include setting out co-ordinates, reduction of levels, foul and storm water drainage systems, installation of sewage treatment systems, underground storage or interceptor tanks and re instatements works.

It makes no difference to EvaBuild whether the project is large or small as we have the team and the ability to cope in either circumstance.


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